Platinum Collection
Platinum Collection
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$5999 USD
What's Included
  • Up to 8 hours of coverage by Rob Desmond and second photographer
  • Professionally edited, high quality images
  • Custom Mobile App featuring up t0 200 of your favorite photos
  • 12x12 Platinum Series Album (20 pages)
  • USB drive with your wedding images
  • Downloadable online gallery for 1 year
Package Description

Capture your wedding in stunning detail with our Platinum Collection! With 8 hours of coverage by Rob Desmond we'll be there to photograph all the little details and big moments that make your day something to remember. You will also receive a 12x12 album as well as a custom mobile app featuring up to 200 of your favorite images so you can share your day with all of your friends and family!

What to Expect

"Rob’s photos are absolutely stunning! He has an incredible eye for detail and for finding beautiful settings. He is creative and knowledgeable about his craft, and he has the patience to create the perfect shot. Rob listened to my ideas and went above and beyond to make the photo shoot comfortable and fun. I was thrilled with my photos and the overall experience. I would highly recommend Rob."

-Kirsi R.

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$5999 USD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
$5999 USD
From the lens of a world-class landscape photographer
Rob Desmond

Based in picturesque New Hampshire, Rob Desmond Photography offers a unique blend of passion, dedication, and creativity. With over 15 years of firefighting experience, Rob brings a distinctive perspective to his work, capturing moments with precision and passion. Specializing in High School Senior Photography, Creative Sports Photography, and Weddings, Rob's portfolio reflects his mastery in turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. From destination weddings in exotic locales to intimate portraits in his local community, Rob's lens tells stories that resonate. Welcome to a world where every click is a masterpiece, and every moment is captured with heart and soul. Welcome to Rob Desmond Photography, where memories come to life.

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